Monday, November 30, 2009


Hmmmn, what's this dusty thing we have here? Oh, for shame . . . it's my blog !!! Maybe a cyber-Swifter will do the job and have it all looking shiny and new. On the other hand, a post or two once in a while would be better, wouldn't you say?

Lordy, when you fall off the art wagon (nod to Kate for that one), you fall hard. It's been forever since I've done anything and boy, am I rusty. Not promising any stellar art comeback, but I did manage to churn out a few ATCs due (overdue) for a swap.

The Tarot was the subject matter. My picks were High Priestess, Queen of Pentacles, The Moon, and Strength. Sounds like I watched too many Oprah episodes and then went to see one of the Twilight saga movies. In any event, my narrative prowess is lacking this evening, given the ungodly hour. I just had to make sure this bloggity blog stuff still works. So without further ado, here are the cards:

High Priestess ~

Queen of Pentacles ~

Strength ~

The Moon ~

They are all done in the same manner: gel transfers onto text, then layers of burned edge papers, burned edge transparencies, stitching and brass embellishments by Ashes2Beauty. The text is the significant factor. I tried to give some relevant meaning to the images and title of each card without reproducing the traditional interpretations. The pages were taken from a set of books entitled "The Light of Egypt". They were one of those obscure flea market finds you purchase and sock away for future use. The books are unusual and a bit cryptic, perfect for a tarot theme. The images are Rosetti women, some of my favorites. A bit more fun than the standard celestial-Mother Earth images typically associated with The Tarot.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and great start to the holiday season !! My apologies to all my blog buddies and cherished followers for being so neglectful and absent. I hope to be back at it soon and sharing comments with you all !!

Ciao for now,