Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I've been in such a slump lately, I truly wondered if I'd ever do another ATC. So to force myself to flex my creative muscle, I joined a swap in one of my ATC groups. Swaps make me a bit fidgety because I feel pressured to come up with something a bit more than ordinary. And then there are the deadlines. When your creative well has hit a serious dry spell, a looming deadline can either send you over the edge or spur you on. For tonight, at least, the latter holds. Lo and behold, I actually managed to get a card done and I am pleased with the results.

The swap theme centers on men. Interesting challenge, given that we tend to use images of women in a vast majority of our work. Each participant chooses four titles on which to base their cards. You know . . . doctor, lawyer, Indian chief. That sort of thing. Kudos to the swap hostess. She is very, very creative with the titles. One of my four is "U.S. President". Abraham Lincoln is such an interesting historical figure and there is an abundance of images of him available. Thus, it was an easy choice for me. Fortunately, the construction of the card fell together rather easily. Thank goodness.

The background is a collage of vintage ledger paper, hand rusted paper and a strip of star-printed mulberry paper. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I use these a lot. I am a grab-and-go kind of gal. Use what is on hand, and those elements seem to be regulars in my stockpile. The woven square in the upper right hand corner is a bit of book binding mull (I may have the name incorrect), topped with some bits of acrylic skins, a tiny scrap of more vintage ledger paper, and a scrap of muslin. Three pieces of mica were overlayed and attached with hand rusted wire along the edges. The wiring was fun, but I now may need a tetanus shot. I chose the word "legacy" to demonstrate the unparalleled contribution Lincoln made to our history. With great deliberation and foresight, he saved a country and freed a people. And he did it with great humility and reflection. Lincoln was truly a man of character.

Now I must gather my supplies and carry on with the other three cards. If I have any success, I'll be sure to share the results.

Hope you have all had a great week so far and are finding some time for art !!!

Ciao for now,



kelsey said...

Oh my Shelly!!! You're back with a huge bang!!! I love every little bit of this atc, the mica, the wiring, the imagery, wording, background...etc.etc.etc.

Lady Di said...

I just left a comment on Flickr and thought I'd see if you posted on your blog and you did ... This is a truly beautiful ATC. I've got a thing for rust at the moment too. I really like how you've done the layers with different textures ... brings it all together very nicely ... someone's going to be extremely happy to get this ATC in the swap.

Stempelchaotin said...

Shelly this is absolutely stunning. A wonderful honor. Gorgeous work.

Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful! Love the use of mica-looks fantastic.

crafty capers said...

Ooooh, it's a beauty, as is the book you made, showcased on Diana's blog :-) Lovely, lovely work as always. A little something for you on my blog :-)

Anita said...

Well, you are back with a bang girl! Slump is over. Sprinkle some of your creative pixie dust on me so I can get going, will ya? I love how careful you are when you cut out your images. Drives me nuts when I can see background still attached. Thank you OCD LOL.

Gaby Bee said...

I found your Blog through Kelsey. This piece is really fabulous. I do like how you have done all the layers with different textures. Simply perfect!

Sanja said...

love all details.fabulos work,Shelly!

Viola said...

Hi Shelly, your ATC looks really fabulous! I love it as usual!! :o) Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!Big hugs!

Shelly Hickox said...

Glad you're working your way out of your slump. This piece is fantastic - full of texture and perfect for honoring such a great man.

I lol'd:
"The wiring was fun, but I now may need a tetanus shot."

The wire is my favorite part - hope you don't get lockjaw or anything. :-)

Jackie said...

Thank you for all your comments on my blog Shelley.
I am in the same postition as you now..not exactly a slump but paralysed with indecision. I am so inspired but don't dare start.
I think your solution is a good one..just get on with it. I'll try!

ArtSnark said...

wonderful piece, Shelly! And very timely - Did you catch the Articles in the NY Times about him on Wednesday?
The Smithsonian finally opened his watch & found the long rumored inscription + what appears to be a newly discovered photo has been made public.

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!

Lori said...

Wow..this piece made my jaw drop...I love the results!!

I know just what you mean about dry spells, I had a serious one myself last month, scared to death I would never create again.
Talking to other artists I was shocked and reassured all at the same time to find out we are all in the same boat!
Keep pushing, keep creating and don't take yourself to serious... that seems to be the key.

wishing you the best,

Robyn said...

Wow I like this one a lot, Shelly.
There seem to be many of us in the slump. Everything I've done this year has not come easy but I'm pushing on because as Einstein said "Nothing happens until it moves."

missblandine said...

oh lala !! it's excellent ! tu as le soucis du détail. l'étoile américaine, un début d'écriture manuscrite ... WONDERFULL ! i'm your fan also i don't excel in the vintage ! (hope my englis is good ! lol )
A bientôt

Seth said...

Well done. This ATC has such power in it. Really is reflective of Lincoln as a President.

Dayna Collins said...

Great card! I find that deadlines usually kick me out of my slump (or my laziness) and it looks like Lincoln has nudged you out of yours!

PeregrineBlue said...

Whoever receives this ATC is LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! What a gem.

Lorri said...

Wow, this is stunning (I commented over in the flickr group too) but wanted to visit your blog to see more!
I love everything about it.
Would love to trade with you sometime :)