Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented and vivacious jewelry artist while in Asilomar attending Nina Bagley's jewelry and bookmaking class. Riki Schumacher fashions beautifully crafted, handmade, mixed media pieces . . . "wearable relics" as she calls it. Lovely, lovely vintage pieces with that highly detailed, ethereal quality that we all adore. Her work is so unique and breathtaking that I found it hard not to hover and gawk at her workstation in class !!

She and her family were in route from California to their summer home in Washington last week when their truck was broken into overnight at a hotel. All their belongings and her handmade jewelry were stolen. Countless hours and months of work gone in a matter of seconds. It made me ill to read her message and I cannot imagine how devastated she must feel.

So I write this post and ask all of you out there in blogland to please, please, please, spend a few moments visiting her blog, website and Flickr to familiarize yourself with her work. This is a small world and it is entirely possible that her pieces may show up at craft fairs, flea markets, pawn shops, eBay, . . . hell, even Etsy. You never know. Please be on the lookout and if you see anything that looks like it may be hers, drop her a line on her blog. It would be wonderful if she were reunited with any of her belongings.

Here are the links, and again, thanks for taking a look.

Ciao for now.



Riki Schumacher said...

Shelly, you are so wonderful for posting this on your blog. With heartfelt thanks. Who knows, maybe something will float to the surface, and we can find these creeps! Take care.

Anita said...

WOW her stuff is amazing! Thanks for bringing this truly gifted artist to my attention, and for alerting our little art world of the terrible misfortune. I hope your bulletin helps!

Lori Bartel said...

It's nice you had that opportunity to see her work, I will for sure keep my eyes open...just in case.

Hope all is going well with you!

thanks for sharing the links too
oh, i have a new blogsite, pop in and say hello when you get a second


Sam Marshall said...

Riki's pieces are just stunning!!!

Lady Di said...

There's always someone worse off than me ... what a terrible thing to have happen. We can only hope that Riki's beautiful art comes back to her somehow and that the universe looks after those that did this wrong. You're so kind and generous helping others ... keep well.

ArtSnark said...

how dreadful! Good of you to post this. Will spread the word

slommler said...

I will spread the word too! I hope by now she has been reunited with some of her pieces. That really sucks. I had all of my vintage jewelry stolen so I know how she feels. It is heartbreaking!!